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Dress to Impress with our fine portfolio of beautifully made and classically styled lab coats for the discerning healthcare professional. Fit, flair and function have been thoughtfully combined in the Doc's Duds collection to create a high fashion look with all the attributes youve longed for in the ideal lab coat!

We know first impressions count in todays practices. Sophisticated styling in a lab coat that is in your actual dress or jacket size creates a professional appearance. Impeccable construction adds to the designer look of every garment and a wrinkle-resistant finish maintains that effect from morning until the last patient of the day.

Your comfort is important to us so we use a lightweight breathable fabric. Moisture is wicked away from you resulting in a more even body temperature. Just the right amount of stretch in the textile allows your lab coat to move with you.

Easy care properties minimize the time and cost required to keep your lab coats looking their best. All Docs Duds apparel is machine washable and may be placed in the dryer.

Our garments are fashioned from textiles developed with state-of-the-art fabric technology. High tech fabric enables the garments in our primary line to resist the stains which frequently mean the end of a lab coats useful life. Most types of soiling, including blood, betadine, and ball point pen, require only a water clean up or the use of a mild detergent for removal.

A unique office environment may be created by choosing a standard color or by using the special Docs Duds program to color your lab coats your way. Custom embroidery options for personalization, including logos, are available to help you express your individuality.