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PracticeWell, previously Pediatric Federation, is now a California benefit corporation. We are one of the largest, organized communities of physicians and medical professionals of all specialties. Our goal through cooperative effort, is to increase office efficiency and decrease the burdens that arise with the complexities of medical practice. We do everything to make running a practice simple, easy and cost effective. PracticeWell offers a variety of services and features such as our incredibly successful vaccine purchasing program, medical and office supply services, and more to come!

PracticeWell is not a money-making venture; our sole purpose is to provide methods, services and ideas to make the operation of practices better. Because of our community philosophy, our contract pricing in addition to rebate delivers the lowest cost and best bottom line. Better for our doctors, administrators, personnel and ultimately the patients we serve.

Membership is 100% FREE. We offer substantial and consistent savings and helpful features to assist your practice at no cost.