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Billing / Collection Services


Claimpower, Inc. is a professionally managed company that was established in 1993 with the primary focus of providing exceptional quality, individualized, billing and collecting services to medical practices.

We have grown significantly during the past 12 years, largely as a result of referrals from very satisfied clients.

With the help of our professional and dedicated staff, we currently collect in excess of 30 million dollars annually for our clients. This makes us large enough to take on your additional volume, yet small enough to give you the special attention your practice requires.

We service clients of many different specialties, and our clients are single doctors as well as large multi-provider, multi-facility practices. Our management team combines over 20 years of industry knowledge with technical expertise giving us the ability to offer our clients an unmatched level of service. This combination also enables us to proactively modify our processes and in-house software, whenever necessary, to comply with regulatory and industry mandated changes. Consequently, we have been HIPAA compliant well before the mandated implementation date.

Our state of the art software has been developed and is owned by us. Our processing centers back up your data, daily, in two distinct locations, allowing us to recover from a hardware failure in a matter of minutes.

All your data is available to you on our very comprehensive web site. The web site completely exposes our service, by allowing you to see exactly what we have done on your account, in real time. In addition to viewing/printing your patient billing records and all statuses, you can also run all commonly used practice management reports whenever you choose.

Our dedicated staff and our state-of-the-art software provide you a service that ensures you collect every collectible dollar. The availability of your data on our web site allows you to keep a constant watch on the financial pulse of your practice.