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Bayer HealthCare, Diabetes Care is one of the largest self-test diagnostic businesses in the world, supporting customers in 100 countries. Bayer has long since been a leader in the area of self-testing diabetes care and offers a variety of products, services and support to help people who are living with diabetes and those who support them.

Since the introduction of Clinitest® reagent tablets in 1941, Bayer has led the way in diabetes care product innovation. The company changed the face of diabetes care in 1969 when it introduced the first portable blood glucose meter and test strips. We have a rich heritage of innovation and, through the years, have continued to evolve and advance our efforts to help provide diabetes care solutions that help make it easier for people with diabetes to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Today, our product offerings include the CONTOUR® and BREEZE®2 Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems, with helpful and easy-to-use features and benefits, such as No Coding technology, that help simplify diabetes management.

Our Products section of this website offers more information on these systems, as well as our win GLUCOFACTS® diabetes management software. Bayer also provides and publishes a number of educational programs and literature pieces to help provide clear and useful information about a range of topics relating to diabetes care, which are also available on this site.

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