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We, at Solinmed, set out to Re-define"Efficient Service", Deliver Impeccable Work, and Provide Exceptional Client Service. To achieve our high goals, we built systems and processes to mimic "assembly-line" like efficiency, and yet be nimble/flexible to serve your unique requirements.

We were tired of hearing excuses that something "is not possible because the software wouldnt allow it". We, at Solinmed, make Everything Possible for Every unique Medical Practice that yours surely is.

We empower you with the systems, data, and tools to provide you with a clear view of the status of service you entrust to us. Technologically, we are highly advanced than our competitors. If a task can be automated/completed electronically, we do so. We keep our service cost down, due to these super-efficient systems and processes.

We are proud to say, we have accomplished the lofty goals we set for ourselves - "Efficient Service", Impeccable Work, and Exceptional Client Service.
Proof: Our ever-growing family of Happy Clients - bearing tremendous testimony, since we do not bind our clients in a time contract!

We continuously strive to serve you well every day, week and year. We promise to uphold the trust you place in us. Come, experience Efficiency at its Best from a company with a heart.

We provide the best possible service with our Medical Billing Service, EMR software, and Transcription Service - Stand-Alone Solution or Integrated Solution with any combination of services you choose...