NueMD offers a comprehensive suite of administrative and clinical solutions for family practices of all sizes. Select the features you need to build a plan that’s right for you. Choose from patient scheduling, practice management/medical billing software, electronic health records and medical billing services.

NueMD is especially strong in medical billing. The product’s ease-of-use is almost universally cited as its strongest value point. This ease-of-use and a full set of features ensure you get claims filed properly and your reimbursements quickly. In fact, NueMD operates its own claims clearinghouse, which handles over 3.5 million claims each year. This allows the company to offer its clients the ability to process an unlimited number of claims.

NueMD Billing Services gives you the expertise of Certified Professional Coders and the transparency of constant communication regarding your claims statuses. Customers report recouping lost revenue and increasing their reimbursements between 5 and 10 percent within sixty days.

NueMD Electronic Health Record offers broad and deep functionality for your clinical workflows. In addition to charting, the EHR includes e-prescribing, laboratory report tracking and secure fax management. NueMD Patient Portal offers patients control over their own health, on a secure platform.

NueMD Mobile allows you to access your practice’s clinical and financial data on-the-go.

NueMD is an affordable solution. It is priced on a monthly subscription basis. The subscription includes an unlimited number of users and no limit on the number of practice locations. Upgrades and support are also included in these subscription fees. NueMD offers a unique customer support instant messaging system, where they typically respond within 30 seconds or less.

NueMD is cloud-based, freeing practices from the burden of implementing, maintaining and upgrading software. Delivered over a secure Internet connection, the software operates independently of the web browser and thereby avoids many security risks that its browser-based competitors face. NueMD proudly claims over 7,500 providers representing nearly 100 specialties with over 24,000 users as its customers.

NueMD should make the short list of any organization that is focused on improving their revenue cycle management. Practices that favor Apple computers can run NueMD on the Mac OS. Of course, the product also supports Windows environments.