The Valletta Group is a revenue cycle management company committed to serving the true needs of physicians and medical groups. We prioritize precision, consistency, and transparency in order to provide our clients with maximum long-term revenue. We strive to work with clients’ current processes and take on tasks other medical billing companies won’t, such as enrollment, denials, patient follow-up, and more. At Valletta, each client receives an expert team that works to not only correct errors and inefficiencies, but prevent them from occurring in the future. That team is dedicated and always available to answer specific questions or concerns.

We Offer Comprehensive Medical Billing Services
Credentialing / Enrollment
Charge Entry
Claim Submission
Payment Posting
Accounts Receivable
Denied & Underpaid Claims Appeals
Patient Statements
Patient Inquiries & Support
Patient Collections Solutions
Advanced Data Analytics
Customizable Reports and Client Access

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