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Biotest Microbiology is your “one stop shop” for all of your Environmental Monitoring needs. Our Microbiology Division provides a complete line of prepared culture media and solutions for air sampling, particle counting, and surface testing. Our products are ideal in helping customers monitor and maintain the quality assurance programs in many industries, including: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Government, Research, Automotive, Indoor Air Quality, Healthcare, Food, and Cosmetics.

Air Sampling - RCS Microbial Air Samplers are the only instruments that operate under the proven centrifugal sampling principle. When used in conjunction with the Biotest Agar Strips, RCS Microbial Air Samplers provide the only closed sampling system that meets ISO 14698 guidelines.

Particle Counting - APC Handheld and Portable Airborne Particle Counters are ideal for the monitoring of particulate contamination in areas such as filter testing, cleanroom certification, and routine monitoring procedures.

Surface Testing - HYCON Contact Slides used for surface testing are uniquely designed to allow you to sample curved surfaces. Their individual packaging helps eliminate the waste of media by allowing you to use only what you need.

heipha brand Culture Media - For your environmental monitoring and sterility testing needs, heipha is unlike your traditional media. With advantages such as extended shelf life and room temperature storage, heipha sets the new standard for agar media quality and performance.

Microbiology Testing Lab - Our microbiology lab specializes in a full range of microbiological analysis of air, surface and liquid samples.