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Cardinal Health is an $87 billion global manufacturer and distributor of medical and surgical supplies and technologies dedicated to making healthcare safer and more productive. Our customers are located on five continents and include hospitals, medical centers, retail and mail-order pharmacies, clinics, physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare providers.

The Clinical and Medical Products segment manufactures medication infusion and dispensing products, respiratory equipment, surgical instruments and leading technologies and services that help hospitals prevent medication errors, reduce infections and manage medications and supplies more efficiently.

Offers protection against medication errors for more than 3.1 billion doses each year using Alaris® infusion devices, Pyxis® medication dispensing systems and Point of Care Verification patient identification suite.

Infection prevention products include Convertors® surgical gowns, Esteem® medical gloves, ChloraPrep® preoperative skin preparation products, as well as electronic infection surveillance through MedMined services.

Leader in respiratory care through its AVEA ventilators and other leading ventilation brands.

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90 percent of hospitals and 50 percent of all surgeries in the U.S. use Cardinal Health products or services.