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ChartWare EMR is a system for computerizing medical record keeping. Chartware is faster, cheaper and far more accurate than traditional handwritten notes or dictation-transcription.

ChartWare® Professional The software tool that clinicians use to create the medical record. ChartWare was designed by physicians who needed a tool in their own clinical work. Since 1995 it has been used in literally millions of patient encounters and in a score of different specialties. Physicians can capture information immediately, producing complete and accurate documentation at the point-of-care. ChartWare users cite ease of use as one of its most attractive features. ChartWare is as flexible as traditional note-taking, easily following the rambling course of most patient encounters. ChartWare can be customized to any individual's way of working, so that doctors can focus on their patients. With a few clicks ChartWare also takes care of other common chores by producing legible prescriptions, lab & x-ray orders, referrals and other necessary documents. These can be handed to patients before they leave the office or sent electronically at the patient's request. The ChartWare record can be accessed at any time and anywhere.

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