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Founded in 1949, Medtronic is the worlds leading medical technology company, providing lifelong solutions for people with chronic disease. The company distributes INFUSE® Bone Graft which has been approved for use as an alternative to autograft bone for certain oral and maxillofacial bone grafting and dental bone regenerative procedures, including sinus augmentation and localized alveolar ridge augmentation.
INFUSE® Bone Graft consists of two main components: recombinant human Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 (rhBMP-2) and an absorbable collagen sponge (ACS). The ACS releases the protein over time in the location where it is placed and provides a scaffold on which new bone can grow. As the graft site heals, the ACS is absorbed and replaced by bone.
By growing new bone, INFUSE® Bone Graft offers a safe and effective bone grafting alternative and eliminates the pain and complications associated with harvesting bone from the patient.
INFUSE® Bone Graft has been tested in multiple clinical studies and has more Level 1 clinical evidence than any other bone growth protein. It has been used to treat more than 500,000 patients and is used by more than 2,300 surgeons. INFUSE® Bone Graft/Medtronic Threaded Titanium Interbody Fusion Device has been used in spinal surgery since 2002, and in the treatment of acute, open fractures of the tibia since 2004. For more information about the product, visit
INFUSE® Bone Graft has not been tested in pregnant women to determine if it could pose harm to a developing fetus, nor has it been studied in nursing mothers. Women of childbearing potential should not be treated with INFUSE®
Bone Graft immediately prior to or during pregnancy, and should be advised not to become pregnant for one year following treatment. They should be warned of potential risks and should discuss other possible treatments with their doctor. For important safety information, please go to