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LabNow, Inc. is a point-of-care diagnostics company seeking to become the leading provider of point-of-care solutions by improving the quality of healthcare and lowering treatment costs worldwide. The Company, headquartered in Austin, Texas, has licensed lab-on-a-chip sensor technology with the capability to automate complex fluid analysis quickly, easily, and more accurately than current methods. LabNow's technology represents a convergence of advances in nanochemistry, microfluidics, imaging analysis, and digital fluorescence microscopy.

Initial commercialization efforts are focused on a simple to use system that includes a versatile, compact analyzer and single-use, disposable BioChips for point-of-care testing of critical blood parameters associated with HIV/AIDS. LabNow's first product will revolutionize HIV/AIDS patient care with the capability to assess a CD4 lymphocyte count from a single drop of whole blood in about 15 minutes. No other company offers truly portable, quantitative point-of-care CD4 testing. By providing immediate access to CD4 lymphocyte counts - the essential parameter for initiation of life-saving treatment - LabNow products will set the standard for HIV/AIDS staging and monitoring in resource scarce settings as well as physicians' offices and clinics in developed healthcare markets.

Anticipated product line extensions include tests for viral load, hemoglobin, and/or liver function. Initial investigations of testing for cancer biomarkers and cardiac risk factors have revealed high sensitivity and good correlation with results from currently accepted testing methods. The LabNow technology allows selective detection of specific analytes in saliva, eliminating the need for more invasive procedures required with blood tests. The technology was developed at the University of Texas at Austin by John T. McDevitt, Ph.D. LabNow has secured an exclusive, worldwide license from UT for ten fields of use. LabNow has a strong patent portfolio, with 16 issued patents and 27 applications pending worldwide, and continues to aggressively pursue protection for its technology.