Wholesale Point, Inc. is a full service distributor of medical scales , heart rate monitors, body fat analyzers, blood pressure monitors, adult diapers and incontinence supplies, orthopedic & physical therapy products, fitness equipment, exercise equipment, nebulizers, chiropractic supplies and many more medical, home health, fitness and healthcare products!

As an authorized dealer of name brand medical, home health, fitness and healthcare products, we guarantee best prices, fast shipping and great customer service. Wholesale Point has been proudly serving medical, fitness, government, education and healthcare Professionals since 1999.

Diapers & Incontinence Products
- Adult Fitted Briefs (Fitted briefs & diapers by Tena, Tranquility, Select, Abena, and Prevail)
- Baby Diapers & Training Pants (Prevail, Select, Tena, and Tranquility baby diapers)
- Bariatric Incontinence Care (Super sized bariatric diapers from Prevail, Tena, and Tranquility)
- Belted Undergarments (Belted undergarments from Select, Tena, and Tranquility)
- Booster Pads (Booster pads from Prevail and Tranquility)
- Cleansing Wipes, Cleaners & Creams (Cleansing wipes, cleaners and creams from Kennedy, Prevail, Tena, and Tranquility)
- Disposable Underpads (Disposable underpads from Abena, Select and Tranquility)
- Protective Underwear for Men (Protective underwear made just for men by Prevail and Tena)
- Protective Underwear for Women (Protective underwear made just for women by Prevail and Tena)
- Protective Underwear-Unisex (Protective underwear made for men or women by Prevail, Tena, Select, Tranquility, and Abena)

Exercise & Fitness
- Balance & Stability (exercise mats, foam rollers, balance balls)
- Commercial Exercise Equipment (Power Cages, Smith Machines, Accessories)
- Exercise Mats (Yoga mats, exercise mats, SPRI mats)
- Exercise Training Kits (SPRI exercise kits)
- Fitness Assessment (body fat calipers, circumference tapes, measuring tapes)
- Heart Rate Monitors (Polar heart rate monitors, Mio heart rate monitors, watch heart rate monitors)
- Pedometers (Health Mobius, Walk4Life pedometers, Mio pedometers, Omron Pedometers-available in bulk at a discount)
- Ropes (SPRI exercise ropes)
- Rubber & Resistance (SPRI resistance tubes, resistance bands, rubber resistance)
- Sports Training Kits (VICTOR baseball and soccer training kits)
- Strength Training (Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine balls)
- Stopwatches (Mio Stopwatches, Ekho Stopwatches)
- Yoga & Pilates (SPRI yoga kits, mats, and socks)

Exam Room Supplies
- Exam Gloves (Semper Med, Kimberly Clark, and Tranquility sterile exam gloves)
- Growth Charts Girth (Seca growth charts for children)
- Medical Supplies (MDF cuffs, MDF penlights, ADC pocket lights)
- Universal Glove Box Holder (Detecto exam glove holders, single and multi-box box holders)
- Waste Can Receptacles (Detecto exam room waste cans)

Housewares & Personal Care
- Air Purification (Air purification and filters by HoMedics)
- Cooking Thermometers (Taylor meat thermometers, deep fry thermometers, cooking thermometers)
- Epilators (Epilators by Epilady)
- Kitchen Timers (Taylor cooking timers, kitchen timers, and event timers)
- Mens Shavers & Trimmers (Head and facial trimmers and shavers for men)
- Outdoor Thermometers & Clocks (Springfield and Taylor outdoor patio clocks and thermometers)
- Portion Control Scales (Escali portion scales, Health-O-Meter portion scales, Salter kitchen scales)
- Skin Care (Kennedy skin cream, cleaning wipes, and cleanser)
- Weather Stations (Taylor and Springfield digital weather stations, rain gauges, and thermometers)
- Womens Shavers & Trimmers (Shavers and trimmers specifically for women)

Laboratory Scales & Educational Balances
- Analytical Balances (Digital scales with very high degree of precision and accuracy from Adam and Ohaus)
- Compact Bench Scale Balance (Ohaus compact bench and washdown scales)
- Diaper Sponge Scales (Organ and diaper scales from Detecto, Health O Meter, and Seca)
- Dillon Force Gauge (Force gauges, printers, and accessories from Salter Brecknell)
- Hand Held Scales (Ohaus scales that are small enough to fit in your pocket)
- Mechanical Balances (Old fashion reliable mechanical balances from Adam, Salter Brecknell, and Ohaus)
- Moisture Balances (Moisture analyzers from Adam and Ohaus)
- Portable Scale Balances (Compact, battery operated scales that can be easily transported)
- Precision Balances (High performance scales with advanced features from Ohaus, Salter Brecknell, and Adam)
- Precision Bench Scales (High performance scales designed for check weighing and parts counting)
- Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories (Mesh baskets, perforated baskets, lids, beaker covers and auxiliary pans for ultrasonic cleaners)
- Ultrasonic Cleaners (Digital ultrasonic cleaners by Crest Ultrasonic)

Medical & Home Health
- Bathroom Safety (Maddak Ableware elevated toilet seats, grip bars, toilet seats with legs, Tenura non-slip mats)
- Blood Pressure Monitors (Omron, HoMedics, A&D, ADC digital blood pressure monitors)
- BP Parts & Accessories (Omron blood pressure monitor parts and accessories)
- Compression Garments (Compression garments from Sigvaris, Juzo, Jobst, Soidea, and more)
- Dressing Aids (Maddak Ableware stocking aid, elastic shoe laces, shoehorns, Raptor Reacher)
- Eating & Drinking Aids (Scooper bowls and plates, dishes with lids, spill proof cups)
- Household Products (hand writing aids, pot holders, door knob extenders, bed trays)
- Mobility Aids (Gait belts, leg lifts, leg wraps)
- Opthalmoscopes (ADC ophthalmoscopes)
- Personal Care Aids (bend aids, lotion applicators, shampoo basins, toe separators)
- Pulse Oximeters (ADC pulse oximeters)
- Recreation & Leisure Aids (bowling ramps, card holders, book holders)
- Sphygmomanometers (ADC sphygmomanometers)
- Sphygmomanometers Aneroids (Omron and MDF sphygmomanometers aneroids)
- Stethoscopes (MDF stethoscopes in a variety of colors)
- Thermometers (A&D, Omron, HoMedics oral, rectal, and underarm thermometers)
- Wheelchair & Walker Accessories (baskets, totes, oxygen tank holders, cup holders)
- Nebulizer & Respiratory Parts & Accessories (Omron nebulizer parts and accessories)
- Nebulizer Systems (Omron nebulizers for home or on the go (NE-U22V))
- Peak Flow Meters (Omron peak flow meters)

Orthopedics & Physical Therapy Supplies
- Back Massagers (HoMedics and Conair back massagers)
- Back Rests & Cushions (Heated backrests and cushions from Core Products, Conair, and HoMedics)
- Bath Spa (Conair teak shower mats and benches)
- Electro Therapy (TENS units and accessories)
- Foot Spa & Massagers (HoMedics and Conair foot baths and massagers)
- Hot/Cold Therapy (Core hot/cold packs, ice pillows, heating pads)
- Massage Therapy (Core Jeanie Rub massagers, Conair hand held massagers, HoMedics percussion massagers)
- Neck & Spot Massagers (SPRI tiger tails, HoMedics neck massagers, pillow massagers, Conair massagers)
- Orthopedic Pillows (Core and HoMedics foam pillows, tri-core pillows, memory pillows, travel pillows)
- Rolls & Cushions (Core leg spacers and foam rollers)
- Supports & Braces (Core wrist, foot, ankle, back, elbow, and knee braces)

Weight Scales For Home
- Body Fat Scales (Biggest Loser, Escali, HoMedics, Salter, Seca, Taylor, and Weight Watchers body fat scales)
- Digital Bathroom Weight Scales (Health O Meter, Seca, Biggest Loser, and Taylor digital bathroom scales)
- Kitchen Food Scales (Taylor, Seca, Escali, Biggest Loser, Salter, Health O Meter kitchen scales)
- Mechanical Dial Weight Scales (Detecto, Health O Meter, Seca, and Taylor dial floor scales)

Weight Scales For Professionals
- Acute & Long Term Care Scales (Seca, Health O Meter, Detecto chair scales, floor scales, and hanging scales)
- Bariatric Scales (Detecto, Health O Meter, Seca, Salter Brecknell high capacity scales)
- Body Fat Analysis Scales (Detecto ProDoc body fat analysis scales)
- Calibration Weights (Scale calibration weights)
- Certified Wrestling Scales (NWCA approved scales from Befour, Health O Meter, and Rice Lake)
- Digital Fitness Weight Scales (HealthOMeter, Seca and Detecto digital scales with a full range of features)
- Digital Medical Weight Scales (Detecto, Health O Meter, and Seca medical scales with remote indicators or traditional column)
- Floor Scale Ramps (Extra ramps for your Detecto, Health O Meter, Ohaus, or Seca scales)
- Food Service Scale Accessories (Baker dough weights, trays, tare pedals, and scoops from Detecto, Ohaus, and Salter Brecknell)
- Pediatric Baby Scales (Digital and mechanical pediatric neonatal and infant scales from Health O Meter Seca and Detecto)
- Physician Balance Beam Scales (Eye level mechanical scales from Detecto, Health O Meter, Seca, and Rice Lake)
- Portion Control Scales (Professional digital and mechanical portion scales from Detecto, Escali, Ohaus, and Salter Brecknell)
- Price Computing Scales (Detecto and Ohaus retail price computing scales)
- Printers & Software (Printers and software form Detecto, Health O Meter, Ohaus, Salter Brecknell, and Adam)
- Professional Floor Dial Scales (Mechanical floor scales from Detecto, Health O Meter, Rice Lake, and Seca)
- Scale Bases (Scale bases and platforms from Adam, Ohaus, and Salter Brecknell)
- Scale Indicators and Displays (Replacement indicators from Adam, Detecto, Ohaus, Salter Brecknell, and Seca)
- Scale Tables, Carts, & Stands (Scale tables, carts, and stands from Adam, Detecto, Rice Lake, Salter Brecknell, and Seca)
- Stadiometers Height Rods (Wall mounting, scale mounting, or replacement height rods from Health O Meter, Detecto, and Seca)
- Top Loading Dial Scales (Mechanical platforms scales from Detecto, Escali, and Salter Brecknell)
- Veterinary Scales (Detecto, Health O Meter, Rice Lake, or Salter Brecknell large platform scales)
- Weight Scale Carrying Cases (Carrying cases for Detecto, Health O Meter, and Seca scales)
- Wheels, Counterweights, and Supplies (Wheels, counterweights, calibration kits, dust covers, in use covers, and cables)

Brands We Carry
3M First Aid Supplies
Abena Incontinence Products
Ableware Daily Living Aids
Accuro Weight Scales
Adam Industrial Scales
ADC Home Blood Pressure Monitors and Pulse Oximeters
Allison Medical Diabetic Supplies
AND Home Blood Pressure Monitors
Annette Post Surgical Garments
Attends Incontinence Products
Aurelia Exam Gloves
Befour Medical Scales and Scoreboards
Biggest Loser Weight Loss Scales
Bilt-Rite Mastex Aids for Daily Living
Brown Medical Supports and Braces
BV Medical Diagnostic Equipment
CanDo Fitness Equipment
CareActive Aids for Daily Living
CareZips Incontinence Products
Celeste Stein Design Compression Socks
Chem Crest Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution
Classique Mastectomy Bra's and Forms
Comfees Incontinence Products
Conair Health and Beauty Products
Core Products Massagers and Supports
Covidien Incontinence Products
Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners
CSX Athletic Compression Socks
Detecto Medical and Professional Scales
DeVilbiss Home Medical Products
Dignity Incontinence Products
Drive Medical Home Medical Products
Ekho Heart Rate Monitors
Epilady Shavers and Trimmers for Women
Escali Kitchen Scales
Essential Medical Supply Aids for Daily Living
Gaiam Fitness Products
GoSteady Walking Aids
Gotcha Covered Incontinence Bedding
Hausmann Industries Medical Furniture
Health O Meter Professional Medical and Pediatric Scales
HoMedics Massagers
HotShotz Hot Packs
ICE20 Ice Therapy
Isavela Compression Garments
Janac Mastectomy Bra's
Jobri Orthopedics Products
Jobst Compression Socks
Juvo Orthopedics Products
Juzo Compression Socks
Karman Wheelchairs
Kennedy Skin Cream and Sanitizer
Marena Recovery Post Surgical Garments
McKesson Incontinence Products
MDF Stethoscopes and Medical Supplies
MHC Diabetic Supplies
Microlife Home Medical Products
N-Fini Compression Garments
ObusForme Back Supports
Ohaus Laboratory and Industrial Scales
Omron Blood Pressure Monitors and Nebulizers
Philips Respironics Home Medical Products
Polar Heart Rate Monitors
Prevail Incontinence by First Quality Products
Radwag Industrial Scales
Rainey Compression Post Surgical Garments
Reliefband Motion & Morning Sickness Control
Rice Lake Medical Scales
Salter Brecknell Medical and Industrial Scales
Salter Home Bathroom Scales
Seca Medical Scales
Select Adult Incontinent
Seni Incontinence Products
Shape One2One Mastectomy Products
Shower Shirt Wound Care Garment
Sigvaris Compression Socks
Softee's by Ladies First Mastectomy Bra's
Solidea Compression Garments
SPRI Fitness Equipment
Springfield Outdoor Thermometers
Stand A Roo Cane Accessories
Stander Aids for Daily Living
Sup R Band Resistance Bands
Swede O Supports and Braces
Taylor Bathroom Scales and Cooking Thermometers
Tena Adult Incontinence
Tenura Non-Slip and Gripping Aids
Tranquility Adult Diapers & Incontinence
Transfer Master Adjustable Beds
Truform Compression Garments
Turban Diva Caner Turbans
Val u Band Rubber Resistance Bands
Valor Fitness Exercise Equipment
Veridian Home Medical Products
WAGS Yoga and Pilates Gloves
WaxWel Paraffin Bath's and Wax
Weight Watchers Weight Loss Scales
Wenzelite Wheelchairs and Accessories


Matt at Wholesale Point was very helpful. We called at 4PM and he got an emergency order out and delivered to us next morning.


Great service, fast/free shipping and very good price. Will buy from again.


We have made several purchases from Wholesale Point for equipment we ship overseas for our mission work. They are extremely helpful and have always geven us great pricing.