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Information Technology Support Services (ITechss) is an innovative IT consulting and business integration company founded on the simple principle of providing "excellence" in all products and services. Since our inception in 2001, we have quickly gained respect in the business community for our ability to design, develop and deploy mission-critical and cost-effective solutions for a diversity of customers; to include, travel, transportation, retail, healthcare, financial, technology, and many other business industries.

ITechss has built its reputation as The Company in the Pacific Northwest who emphasizes innovation for every client's needs. Our expertise lies in creating effective marketing solutions that integrate existing enterprise and legacy systems with new web-based technologies - to build custom solutions faster. Every client and every detail is important to us. Whether founding unprecedented multi-million dollar community-wide medical data systems or developing and customized first-time website project, ITechss' emphasis is on you, and your individualized need.

Passion, Innovation, Growth

Our CEO, Dan Snyder says it best, "Only by creating a culture of inclusion ...can we make good on our Itechss Promise---Itechss Valuing People, People Valuing Itechss."

At Itechss, creating a thriving environment for our employees is critical to achieving our business goals. We believe that people are the source of all competitive advantage. Therefore, we trust in the strength, diversity and creativity of our people, and understand that viewing the world through many lenses creates a challenging work environment. Our goal as a company is to cultivate a diverse employee population that brings new and richer perspectives to their jobs and enables us to better understand, anticipate and respond to the changed marketplace.

As our markets become increasingly complex, diversity establishes the platform that is essential to unravel that complexity. Through diversity, ideas are shared by many generations of people with different lifestyles from various places. Today's standards and expectations for our workforce are higher-we need to get the best performance from all of our employees. We can't go a good job in the marketplace with diversity if we are not doing a good job inside our company. To ensure our success, we must be the best place to work for everyone. To the extent that we are successful, Itechss will continue to develop and thrive in this diverse, multicultural economy.

As part of our Itechss Vision, "Together We Will Do Extraordinary Things in the Workplace and Marketplace," our commitment to building and strengthening teams has the greatest focus of our leadership. We must have diverse perspectives, talents and teams to meet this business challenge. You won't find a better place for your talent, ideas and experience than at Itechss.
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