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Professional Voice Messaging, Inc. (PVM) was founded in 1988 as an effort to improve medical communications via voice mail. The goal, to expedite the flow of information to treating physicians for medical decision-making.

The CADUSYS™ medical answering service is utilized in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area by over 500 physicians and related health care professionals. This same service is now available nationwide to any physician office with a telephone. Some say that they do not know how they ever practiced without the CADUSYS™ voicemail service.

It eliminates the negative aspects of an operator-assisted answering service. Our goal has always been to expedite:
• Wasted time spent on hold
• Unprofessional behavior, which eventually reflects on the physician
• The ability to handle only one call at a time
• Inappropriate medical decision-making by nonmedical personnel
• Cost. In most cases CADUSYS™ voice messaging thru PVM is one third to one half the cost of
  operator assisted answering services.
• Professional Voice Messaging allows physicians to share information at their mutual convenience with
  a nonurgent status that does not page, or can be set to notify at a future date and time.
• It is ideal for sharing patient care information with practice associates.
• It enhances the flow of information between consultant and referring physicians.

Patients prefer PVM's CADUSYS™ medical voice mail system because they can feel that they are leaving their confidential information directly with their treating physician.

HIPAA compliant. You control the password and data is not accessible (even by us) without it!

Our CADUSYS™ voice mail platform was designed specifically for use in the medical profession and employs a number of unique features that are necessary for normal medical communications:
• Different message notification available to pager, land-based or cell phone
• Total programmability to accommodate a variety of different schedules or cross covering scenarios
  No special equipment needed
• No user programming required
• All programming is preset, and the user selects from a set of pre-defined conditions,
  i.e. Answer Modes
• All user interfacing is done via a touch-tone telephone
• Our ISDN lines are extremely fast
• Menus are interruptible at any time in the message review process
• Housekeeping is transparent and happens daily without interruption of normal operation.